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  1. Rowing Pulley

    This Rowing Pulley is designed for complete body workout. Compact design, this machine is great for both residential and commercial use. Features sturdy steel construction, this machine is easy to fold for easy storage. It provides an efficient, effective and low- impact workout that utilizes all the major muscle groups, including the legs, back, arms, abdominals and buttocks. In addition, this machine is also used for building strong back.
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  2. Multi Gym 5 Station With Cable Cross

    This Multi Gym 5 Station with Cable Cross is wisely made of sturdy steel tubing frame for added strength and durability. Comes with full cover at back, this gym station is specially designed for various exercises such as butterfly, triceps push down, leg extension, lat pull-down, shoulder girdle, standing triceps extension , pushups , decline bench and standing arm curl. Designed with high weight capacity, this machine is robust in construction.
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  3. Pack Fly

    This Pack Fly lets you workout your chest without loading heavy plates onto a bar or heaving bulky dumbbells. This machine is specially designed with a padded seat and back rest from which two levers protrude. Just sit in the seat and place your arms into the padded levers, drawing your elbows together like you're flapping your wings. The machine is designed to put emphasis on your broad muscle of the chest and pectoralis major muscle.
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  4. Pull Ups With Vertical Dip Stand

    This Pull Ups with Vertical Dip Stand is basically a multi- function power tower. This stand comes with dip station, vertical knee raise and pull-up & push- up station. In addition, it also features a wide grip. The seat is designed with extra thick high- density cushions and double stitched, tear-resistant vinyl fabrics. It has heavy gauge steel mainframe construction which features scratch resistant powder coat finish.
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